P2H opens a new office in Vinnytsia

P2H, an American IT company with Ukrainian roots, has opened a new office in Vinnytsia, AIN.Capital reports.

  • It is the second development center that the company has set up in Ukraine in the last few months. It was the active community of company employees gathered in Vinnytsia who initiated the opening of the office.
  • Currently, the office is ready to accept about ten colleagues, planning to visit it regularly. If necessary, P2H could increase the number of workplaces in the future.
  • The office is located in the city center. The staff themselves took part in the creation of the work area. It includes several zones: an open space with workplaces, a meeting room, relax zone, and a kitchen.

“P2H employees initiated the opening of the new office themselves. Due to the military actions in Ukraine, most of our specialists are scattered around the world in different cities and even countries. Nevertheless, we are trying to preserve the internal P2H culture we’ve been creating over the years in our largest office in Kharkiv. Therefore, if at least 5-10 people want to gather and work in a certain city, we are ready to help them and open an office there. Our offices operate in the format of coworking spaces, so their doors are open to all colleagues who are temporarily or permanently located in these cities. Moreover, we are used to compensating the cost of renting coworking workspaces if there is no P2H office in this town. All for the convenience of our colleagues,”

said Dmytro Mashchenko, Main Delivery Director at P2H.
  • The P2H opened another office in Lviv shortly before. Most employees, who were forced to leave Kharkiv because of war, are currently working here.
  • The P2H office in Lviv is designed for 30 regular visitors. But there is more to come.
  • P2H is about to expand the network of its representative offices in other countries. The opening of the offices in Portugal, Poland, and other European countries, where some of the company’s employees have moved because of war, is under consideration. Also, the company plans to open an office in Saudi Arabia soon — one of the most significant P2H partners is located.