Ukraine’s meta lending protocol Everlend raises €2.5M

Everlend, the Ukrainian meta lending protocol, has raised €2.5 million in a strategic round of funding. The investors include GSR, Serum Foundation, Everstake Capital, Portico VC, and several angel investors, Silicon Canals reports.

  • Founded in 2021, Everlend is a decentralised lending and borrowing aggregator that is integrated with all major money markets on the Solana ecosystem.
  • The solution uses automatic rebalancing and refinancing mechanisms to automatically move deposits or loans to ensure the “best” performance for the users’ position.
  • The €2.5 million funding comes after Everlend raised a bootstrap Seed round in October last year.

“Loan management is a feature that got us excited about building Everlend in the first place. Since nobody has effectively done this before, it could be challenging at times but that’s the most fun part,”

Everlend’s co-founder Vit Parkhomenko explains the startup.
  • The fresh funding will help to accelerate the company’s product development and expansion in general. Also, a part of the funds will go toward the Safety Fund, an insurance pool to deal with risks.