Polish foodtech startup Planeat raises new €230k funding

Planeat, a Polish foodtech startup, has raised a €230,000 investment from business angels, to produce meat alternatives. With the funding, the startup will increase its production capacity and expand its distribution network, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2020 by Andy Staniek and Martyna Polak, Planeat produces vegetable meat substitutes based on soybean protein and pea protein. The company offers primarily vegetable ground which can be used to prepare meatballs, cutlets, and similar meals. All its products are vegan and gluten-free.

“We started working on Planeat, because the available meat alternatives just did not taste good for us and did not encourage us to buy them. We knew how big their potential is and how big a nutritional change they can bring. Planeat’s mission is to facilitate and support a plant-based and tasty diet for everyone who likes to eat well,”

Andy Staniek, Planeat’s co-founder, talks about the startup.
  • So far, the founders have developed Planeat primarily from their own resources. In 2021, the company also received a €100,000 grant from the Carrefour Foundation. Now, Planeat receives a €230,000 funding from business angels, including companies like PRO 3 and Atlantis Deweloper.
  • Using the fresh funding, Planeat plans to open a larger production plant and expand the team.