Scanderia Venture invests €725k in three projects

The Polish venture capital fund Scanderia Venture has invested €725,000 (3.44 million złotys) in three R&D projects: JustBee, ProSpeed ​​Energy, and AlterBioTech. Each of them operates in life science and healthtech industries, MamStartup reports.

  • Starting in 2018, Scanderia Venture Fund operates as a part of the BRIdge Alfa Program of investments. The project aims to support investments in innovative research and development projects at the pre and seed stage containing the Polish element.
  • JustBee was the first to receive nearly €250,000 in funding. Behind the startup are Michał Jabłoński and Antoni Kwiatek. Thanks to these funds, the beekeeping startup will develop an innovative sensor system, which will enable quick and automatic care for the hive. This will significantly improve the beekeeper’s work and improving the life quality of the bee swarm.
  • The startup ProSpeed ​​Energy also received around €250,000 for the implementation of its power supply systems. The startup develops the fast energy transfer systems for portable ultrasound machines, defibrillators, respirators, and other medical devices.
  • In turn, AlterBioTech received about €225,000 from the investor. The startup develops an innovative antioxidant blend for dermocosmetics of natural origin. Thanks to this combination, the blend is extremely important in supporting the treatment of skin damage. Magdalena Piętka-Ottlik, Anna Krasowska, and Dominika Wrzesińska-Kołak are the founders.

Further in the future, Scanderia Venture also plans to co-finance at least 40 R&D projects with the help of about €8 million in assets.