Tech salaries in Poland – summer survey results

Ukrainian Tech community DOU has published the first results of its summer salary survey in Poland. It is based on the data provided by more than one thousand tech and non-tech specialists working in IT companies or departments in Poland. AIN.Capital selected the most interesting insights about the current level and dynamics of salaries in Poland. 

DOU keeps collecting data, so the tech experts can share it by filling out this survey form.

  • Data Scientists have the highest median salary among all tech professionals that took part in a survey. According to its results, it is $3,522 for the companies’ employees, and $3,871 for specialists at JPG. At the same time, the median salary of a Junior Data Science specialists is $1,669. Senior Data Science professionals earn $3,907.
Tech salaries in Poland-1
Screenshots: AIN.Capital
  • The highest salary in the non-tech sectors — $1,789 — belongs to the marketing field. The median pay of HR specialists is almost the same — $1,761. Designers‘ median is a bit lower — $1,541.
  • At the same time, professionals in Management earn the most. The Team Lead’s median is $5,502. For those specialists who have more than 5 year experience, it is a bit higher — $5,678.
  • The most vital start position is a DevOps with the $1,838 median salary at the Juniorlevel position.
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