Ukrainian IT company Yalantis opens a new office in Warsaw

Ukrainian IT company Yalantis announced the launch of an R&D in Poland. The new office will be opened in Warsaw in the second half of September, DOU reports.

  • Yalantis is a Ukrainian IT company that provides custom software development and engineering services to businesses worldwide. It has offices in Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Larnaca, and employs over 500 specialists.
  • According to Denis Rudenko, COO at Yalantis, at the time the company decided to open the office in Poland, there were already 30 specialists there.
  • Now Yalantis is expanding the team. It is looking for Rust Developers, React.js Developers, Java Developers, DevOps Engineers (AWS), Senior Scrum Master, and an Engagement Manager. According to Rudenko, the Yalantis prefer to hire Ukrainians living in Poland.
  • More job openings are available on Yalantis website.
  • At the same time, Yalantis has developed a relocation program for those company specialists who want to move to Poland. It provides financial assistance and offers an adaptation program.