Financiers of Ukraine United to Provide the Technological Edge of the Defenders of Ukraine over the Enemy

Charity Organization “Charitable foundation Front – U”, joins forces of the financial sector representatives and focuses on four priorities: buys drones, walkie-talkies, thermal cameras and other special optics as well as tablets with software “Kropyva” for the effective adjustment of fire. Philanthropists work with particular requests from the specific military units and close the main technological requests of the army. During 2 months of the project’s work we have managed to raise over 3,5 millions UAH and deliver more than 100 necessary devices to the frontline.

“According to the research of necessities and work of NGO (non-governmental organizations)  during the war, approximately 326 organizations are involved in particular activities, 48 of them raise resources for the army’s necessities. Many Ukrainians have been volunteering and donating since the beginning of the war and the financial sector is not the exception. We decided to unite into the charity fund to strengthen each other”, comments one of the Front-U volunteers Yaroslav Bilan.

“We don’t compete with other organizations, we have found our niche and use all our experience   and contacts for the Victory. The name “Front-U” is symbolic for us because everyone does all his best on his frontline”, adds Andriy Siabro, a Front-U volunteer.

The initiative has already been supported by the authoritative representatives of the sector – Ambassadors, whom about 60 members of the financial market joined. At the same time Front-U is happy to involve new partners from any spheres.

“Today it is unacceptable to be not united, not involved into all the possible processes helping to win. “Charity Organization “The League of Ukrainian Banks” under the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine donated 1 million of hryvnias to Front-U. I am happy that financial sector and we managed to build the foundation which works systemically and effectively, comments Olena Korobkova, the Ambassador of Front-U. – We are united in our fight with the enemy. And where there is sincere unity, truth and efforts – there will be definitely the Victory”.

The initiative helps the soldiers on the frontline to get the technological edge in such directions like optics, navigation, communication, drones. Over 600 people have already joined the initiative. More than 80 of them have become Front men and Front women and have received their place on Front-U site.

Nowadays, Front-U raises 3 millions UAH on the current purchases for the Defenders of Ukraine on the frontline. Front-U volunteers work with donates from the private people as well as from the legal establishments of Ukraine and from abroad.