Polish car parking service Parkey raises €90k in funding

The Warsaw-based car parking service Parkey has raised around €90,000 (419,000 PLN) in fresh funding from the EU. Its intelligent parking system allows users to manage and share corporate parking spaces, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2019 by Maciej Węgrzynek and Pawel Postupalski, Parkey’s solution connects drivers with parking lot owners. Using the platform, drivers can book and park in a currently unused parking place in the desired area.
  • According to the company, it can generate monthly savings of up €2,000 with only 50 parking lots.

According to our analyses, every day up to 60% of parking spaces are not used at all, creating noticeable financial losses. Another issue is commuting to work for people with disabilities. For these people, a car is often the only possible transport to the office, and parking can be an obstacle,

 Paweł Postupalski, co-founder of Parkey, talks about the startup.
  • Thanks to EU support, Parkey is also developing a system of devices enabling easy parking for disabled people. These devices can be installed in underground car parks or office buildings.
  • Using the funding, the startup will significantly optimize this area and provide an assigned, named parking space to dozens of employees.