Polish startup City Robotics raises €1.15M

The Warsaw-based City Robotics has raised €1.15 million to create robots solving problems such as the shortage of employees. Azahar Global, Think Bigger Capital, and some business angels participated in the round, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2020 by Deepjyoti Nath, Ivan Mazuryk, and Janusz Szymczak, City Robotics is a manufacturer of robots intended to work alongside humans. Importantly, the startup aims to ensure that robots increase people’s productivity, not replace them.
  • The Spanish fund Azahar Global led the €1.15 million funding round. Think Bigger Capital, a fund manager from Demium Capital, also joined in the investment together with several angel investors.

“We believe in City Robotics project as they have been able to apply cutting edge technology in industrial automatization processes through robotics, offering a real and effective solution for the protection of health and life, at reasonable prices,”

Antonio Vaquero, Investment Director at Azahar Global Capital, comments.
  • According to Crunchbase, City Robotics closed two more rounds earlier. In April 2021, the startup secured €1.1 million in a seed round of funding from Think Bigger Capital. And in November 2020, it raised €150,000 pre-seed investment from the same fund.
  • The company already has several working prototypes. For instance, its fully autonomous disinfection robot Robo-UV can provide help in healthcare, offices, and public spaces. Its security robot Secura can patrol large spaces and has event-based audio alerts, assisting users with automation in their work.
  • City Robotics will allocate the fresh funding across R&D, sales, and customer success to accelerate market penetration and enter new markets.