Croatian-Slovenian foodtech startup Juicefast raises €750k

The Croatian-Slovenian startup Juicefast has raised 750,000 in a round led by venture capital fund Feelsgood. The company develops technologically advanced production of natural detox juices and healthy meals, The Recursive reports.

  • Juicefast was founded in 2018 by two brothers David and Marko Dravinec, who combined their separate business ventures and Zdravi obroci into a new company. 
  • The startup claims that it produces technologically advanced natural detox juices and healthy meals, using high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) method. It allows preserving all the nutrients, enzymes, taste, color and texture of the product as much as possible. 

“Our desire is to help people get rid of the increasingly prominent problem of obesity with our quality products and education. At the same time, we support local family farms from which we obtain most of the raw materials, and ultimately we take care of nature by composting production by-products,”

David Dravinec, CEO of Juicefast, commented.
  • €500,000 of the total amount in this round comes from Feelsgood. It is a Zagreb-based social impact investment fund that has approximately €30 million under its management.
  • The fresh funds will be used by Juicefast to improve the production of fruit and vegetable fasting juices and healthy meals, and distribute its products to more users that want to regulate their weight and improve their health.