“Made with bravery” marketplace: Buy Ukrainian goods and support the country’s recovery

EVO, a Ukrainian product IT company, launched Made with bravery an official electronic marketplace of products made in Ukraine. Its goal is to unite Ukrainian entrepreneurs into a community, promote Ukrainian products abroad and facilitate the export of Ukrainian goods, helping develop Ukrainian business and rebuild Ukraine. Ukrposhta provides the delivery of the goods.

The marketplace has been launched with the support of payments global leader Visa, communications agency Banda, and informational assistance from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

About Made with Bravery

The marketplace features items of different categories for different ages and genders from the best Ukrainian manufacturers: clothes, footwear, accessories, household goods, as well as food and beverages that have a long shelf life and can be delivered.


Made with bravery delivers to many countries. You can view the complete list here. You can view the marketplace website at https://shop.brave.ua and learn more about buying and paying for your order here.

“We want the entire world to fall in love with Ukrainian products and establish a belief that Ukrainian means cool. That’s why we created the Made with bravery marketplace. And that is why we have high criteria for the marketplace merchants. Our goal is to pleasantly surprise foreign buyers with Ukrainian products and quality of the service and to make “made in Ukraine” an integral part of their everyday lives,”

explains Mykola Paliyenko, CEO and co-founder of EVO.

The marketplace transfers 5% of the price of each purchased item to United24, the fundraising platform initiated by the President of Ukraine. A special platform commission directs these funds to the relevant programs for rebuilding Ukraine. Furthermore, an additional 5% is transferred to United24 to support and rebuild the country if the payment is made with a Visa card.

“Supporting small and medium enterprises is one of the global aspirations of Visa. Ukrainian business people heroically continue to work in tough conditions, holding the country’s economy on their shoulders. It is our duty, as big businesses, to create conditions for expanding their markets. Thanks to the initiative of all partners, this project not only opens international opportunities for Ukrainian producers but also supports the rebuilding of Ukraine,”

notes Vira Platonova, Senior Vice President and Regional Director of Visa in 17 countries.

Why is it important

According to data from the Kyiv School of Economics, the total amount of direct damage to infrastructure reaches $114.5 billion. Therefore, supporting the reconstruction of the country is very urgent, because it requires significant funds. Every purchase at Made with bravery is a brick in the “new walls” of Ukraine. It is the underlying idea behind the first communication campaign of Made with bravery. It is illustrated by this promo video.

“With our first communication, we want to convey the very idea of the marketplace to foreigners: by buying Ukrainian goods you are helping rebuild Ukraine. Every purchase has a new sense, becoming a metaphorical brick in the new walls. We used the characters in the video to emphasize the bravery of our producers, who continue to create and manufacture despite the destruction caused by the Russian missiles. The video itself was made by hand in the stop motion style to convey the spirit of the Ukrainian craft better,”

explains Oleksiy Dyvysenko, Creative Director of the project at Banda.

Everyone can become an ambassador of the project and support Ukrainian producers by spreading information about the marketplace among foreigners. You can download the visuals here.