Ukrainian Jooble invests $1M in edtech startup JayJay

Jooble, a one of the largest job search sites that is active in 69 countries, has invested $1 million in a seed round funding round in edtech startup JayJay, which develops a digital career school in Indonesia. The deal was closed as a part of Jooble Venture Lab acceleration program, AIN.Capital was told.

“We believe that companies like JayJay will make it possible to significantly change the quality of life through the training in modern fields. We do understand the trends in employment and know that Indonesia, with its pace of development, will become the country with the largest shortage of professions in digital by 2030,”

Roman Prokofiev, co-founder of Jooble, said.
  • JayJay is an educational project that operates in Indonesia. It was launched in May of 2021 by Ukrainian Vitaliy Syomka. The startup develops a platform that is aimed to help people learn the digital professions.
  • JayJay platform currently offers four online courses: Digital Marketing, UX Writing, Software QA Engineer, and Digital Illustration, with plans to launch Full Stack Developer, and Interior Design in the nearest future.

In the next 10-15 years, we will see that the “offline educational services” will radically change under the pressure of a large gap of inefficiency, technology, and accessibility. Online education will become a fast social elevator for less protected sections of the population. We predict that the next edtech boom will take place in Asia. So, our startup aims to train 1 million students in the next 3 years,

Vitaly Syomka, founder of JayJay, said.
  • According to the deal conditions, Jooble became a minority stakeholder. JayJay, apart from the investment, will receive support in marketing and technology, in particular in the direction of Data Science.
  • Indonesia is one of the market, where Jooble operates. Its product is used by 1 million users there. So, the Jooble’s experience and customer base will help JayJay to accelerate its growth and increase the sales. Moreover, the fresh funding will allow JayJay to launch new courses, as well as to expand the geography of educational services.