MedLife acquires SanoPass, Bucharest-based healthtech startup

Romanian giant in the healthtech sector MedLife has acquired the majority stake in SanoPass, a Bucharest-based developer of the digital platform for healthcare and wellness services. The companies have not disclosed the amount paid for the acquisition, The Recursive informs

  • Founded in 2019 by Delia Iliasa and Andrei Vasile, SanoPass offers subscriptions to medical services, consultations, investigations, analyses, dentistry, nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy, advanced imaging, as well as fitness, and aerobics. The platform also joined the 24/7 telemedicine trend and has tapped into NFTs to promote their services.
  • SanoPass solution already connects 50,000 customers to over 1,200 private clinics, 200 gyms and fitness centers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. 

“Our ambitions related to international expansion remain, and we are considering expansion, over time, at the European level. The med-tech side is the core pillar of SanoPass, and we will constantly continue to innovate, be present in the tech startup community, but also help integrate the latest ideas and technologies for the benefit of the patient and the condition for good,”

Andrei Vasile, сo-founder of SanoPass, comments on the deal.

  • MedLife is a leading Romanian private medical services provider that has been operating since 1990s. The agreement will help it to strengthen medical and wellness services, and further develop an integrated system of services for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Following the completion of the transaction, SanoPass will remain an independent business, and the two co-founders, Delia Iliasa and Andrei Vasile, will continue to lead the company. The target for the next months is the expansion of the startup’s team, and both B2B and B2C customer bases.