Polish startup Reef Factory gets €2.5M to produce smart aquariums

The Poland-based developer of a smart aquarium management system and devices Reef Factory has just got €2.5 million (12 million PLN) in a seed funding round. Polish Aper Ventures supports the startup together with Kap Holding, and some business angels, MamStartup reports.

Reef Factory gets €2.5M
Image: Reef Factory
  • Founded in 2019 by Jarek Wojczakowski, Reef Factory develops innovative software and IoT products for marine reef industry. The company created its aquarium management system — Smart Reef 360. It combines features like real-time water analysis, full automatic maintenance, and devices management, all in one app.

“Since its inception, Reef Factory has focused on building a scalable business. It allowed the company to enter 33 markets in two years — its revenues at the end of 2021 amounted to €1.8 million (8.5 million PLN). It is possible thanks to an experienced team, appropriate management of global distribution, and development of devices that respond to customer needs. This approach fits perfectly with the goals and standards of our fund,“

Bartosz Składzień, Partner at Aper Ventures, comments.
  • The seed funding comes from the Aper Ventures fund and Kap Holding, a business management company. Aper Ventures is a Polish VC fund investing up to €5 million in deep tech and hardware startups. The firm is based in Warsaw and has about €28 million under management.
  • Reef Factory will use the funding to expand its offer of new devices and create a new line of chemical supplements, as well as develop the software for aquariums.