Polish startup 1M TRACK raises €211k to make training devices

The Polish sportstech startup 1M TRACK has riased €211,000 (1 million PLN) to create a modular training support device. It is an investment under the Bridge Alfa project conducted by National Center for Research and Development, MamStartup reports.

  • 1M TRACK was co-founded by Tomasz Smokowski from Kanał Sportowy. The startup develops a training device that can tell sportsmen the speed they should run to achieve their target or time. It also allows conducting training sessions like interval, max velocity, as well as acceleration speed training, and such. The device is integrated with an app to be easy to control.
  • SpeedUp Bridge Alfa led the €211,000 investment. It is an early-stage venture capital fund managed by SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, and based in Poznan, Poland. The National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) conducts the project.
  • The startup raised its first round of funding right after the acceleration period from Hub of Talents 2. It is implemented by the Białystok Science and Technology Park, and has already helped over 243 startups.

“The success of this tech company is another argument that our startup platform is an effective startup support tool on the difficult path from idea to market implementation. I wish the team at 1M TRACK perseverance, continuous positive energy, and successful coping with all challenges,”

Anna Daszuta-Zalewska, Director of the Białystok Science and Technology Park, comments on the investment.
  • The fresh funding will allow 1M TRACK to develop and launch its products, mainly 1M Track Premium modular device, as well as other systems.