Bulgarian job matching platform nPloy raises €2M in funding

The Sofia-based HRtech startup nPloy has raised €2 million in a fresh seed round of funding by the Bulgarian VC firm Morningside Hill. The company develops an online platform for job seekers and recruitment teams, Tech.eu reports.

  • Founded in 2018 by Konstantin Tsonev and Tsvetoslav Zahariev, nPloy is an online platform that provides job seekers with job search, connecting candidates and employers based on the dating apps model. The startup also offers human resources, staffing and recruiting services to organizations.
  • nPloy has already acquires over 85,000 users and has more than 500 employers in the Bulgarian and Romanian markets, including BIC, SAP, Lidl, and Postbank.

“Mass online job posting platforms, not only on the Balkans, but also in Europe, are often clumsy and inefficient. This is exactly what we want to change with nPloy, having successfully built an innovative job-matching platform based on the dating apps models. We’ve replaced the standard pre-screening process with an AI algorithm allowing users to see only vacancies relevant to their experience and requirements, and employers to source the right candidates more efficiently,”

nPloy co-founder Konstantin Tsonev tells about startup.
  • Morningside Hill Capital Management is a lead investor in this round. It is a privately owned investment firm based in Sofia that is focused on providing growth capital to Bulgarian startup companies. The fund has €38.5 million under management. 
  • With the new funding, the company wants to further develop the platform and to expand it to new markets in Central and Eastern Europe (in about 10 countries) by the end of 2023.