Romanian medtech Parol secures €450k in a pre-seed funding

As reported by The Recursive, the Bucharest-based medtech startup Parol has secured €450,000 in a pre-seed round from The Mavers venture capital fund and three angel investors.

Screenshot: AIN.Capital
  • Founded in 2021 by Claudiu Pandaru, Alex Livadaru, Alex Tepes, Valentin Ichim, Parol is a mobile app that helps doctors and healthcare organizations to conduct consultations and streamline the clinical processes. The basic principle of the app’s work is AI voice detection technology that records and transcribes the consultation in real time, in Romanian and English. 
  • The product is in the final stage of development. The co-founders claim that Parol will help save time and deal with paperwork for doctors, thus making the medical care  process easier. 

“What we are trying to build is not an AI, but a tool that doctors can use to better listen to their patient, to remember what they talk about, to gain time. At the end of the day, they will be the ones to do the work, and it will be a better work because more time and less burnout mean better patient care and better care for doctors, too,”

Claudiu Pandaru emphasized.
  • The fresh pre-seed round of €450,000 was led by The Mavers and three ex-UiPath angel investors: Marius Istrate, Ana Cinca, Malina Platon. The investors also help the Parol with the product development and sales management. The Mavers is a Bucharest-based investment firm founded in 2020 that provides real estate services and invests in tech startups in Romania. 
  • The funds will go into research and technological development, building the product, recruitment, and later expanding internationally.