Polish AI startup Surveily raises €1M to improve industrial safety

The Wroclaw-based AI startup Surveily has raised €1 million to improve industrial surveillance. Kogito Ventures, Satus Starter, Black Pearls VC, and some business angels participated in the seed round, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2019 by Wojciech Tubek and Wojtek Turowicz, Surveily applies Artificial Intelligence to increase safety in manufacturing plants. It integrates with existing CCTV infrastructure to minimize deployment cost.
  • The solution helps to detect threats in real-time and allows for early prevention and mitigation. The company serves the most dangerous sectors that require the highest safety parameters. Be it chemical, gas, and oil industries, construction, mining, or logistics centers.

“We are proud that the best VC funds in Poland have joined the group of our investors. When selecting investors, we relied not only on their experience, but also on whether they would be able to support our international activities,”

Wojciech Tubek, CEO of Surveily, comments on the investment.
  • Kogito Ventures, Satus Starter, Black Pearls VC backed the startup during its seed funding. Satus Starter has experience investing in projects in the field of industry and AI. Kogito Ventures co-invest with business angels, who can also support the company with a network of valuable business contacts. And Black Pearls VC supports companies in internationalization and raising rounds outside Poland.
  • The fresh funding will give the company time to work on foreign operations and expand the IT team. Surveily also wants to scale the platform with additional functionalities, dedicated to Industry 4.0.

Earlier, Satus Starter also participated in the €1.2 million funding round for Polish startup Foodsi.