Lithuanian startup Doup scores €200k for a new generation of business cards

The Lithuania-based startup Doup has scored a €200,000 investment to develop a new generation of business cards. The company does not disclose the name of the investor, but it is known that it is a Malta-based company that will enable Doup to start trading in Southern European countries, Startup in Lithuania informs.

  • Doup provides a new generation of business cards. These have integrated NFC technology, a QR code, and a platform that allows you to edit the contents of your business card for free. With the help of NFC, it is possible to quickly give the required business information to someone else’s device.
  • The company offers 4 different NFC products in its product range – bamboo and plastic cards, stickers and bracelets. In addition, personal and contact information, the app can also share social networking accounts, page links, PDF, WORD, PPT documents, or even photos and videos.

“The investor was looking for a solution like Doup, for his business and employees. Because of our advantages in the market, he was not only interested in becoming a Doup customer – he wanted to help us to introduce Doup solution to the whole world. So, he will be an active investor who will contribute to Doup not only financially, but also with his personal time, knowledge, contacts, team members,”

Mantas Michalauskas, co- founder of Doup, comments.
  • Doup will allocate the fresh funding to develop new technical solutions. Also, it is planning to expand its product and service range. As well as to enrich its team with members in sales, marketing, and country manager positions.