Polish startup Demoboost raises €1.7M in a pre-seed round

Warsaw-based Demoboost has raised €1.7 million in a pre-seed funding round for further accelerating the company’s product development and global expansion efforts. The startup helps software companies deliver superior demo experiences. btov Partners led the round, supported by Movens Capital and angel investors, the company informed AIN.Capital.

Demoboost raises €1.7M
Demoboost’s co-founders Pawel Jaszczurowski, Kamil Smuga, Anna Decroix, Piotr Zesiuk
Image: Demoboost. Michal Charyton
  • Demoboost was founded in May 2021 by Piotr Zesiuk, Kamil Smuga, Pawel Jaszczurowski, and Anna Decroix. It provides a demo library for presales teams that help them to automate the presales process. The platform allows users to easily create, personalize, share, and track product demos at scale. The startup helps B2B software vendors save time and money, shorten sales cycles, and double deal win rates.
  • Btov Partners led the current round. It is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups, investing €50 million yearly in digital and industrial technology companies. Movens Capital, a Polish tech-focused fund, and noted European angel investors also participated in the round.

“It is rare for a startup at such a young stage to have a product that works so well and is already being used by so many great companies. That’s a testament not only to the founders’ vision but also to their ability to execute. We are confident Demoboost will be a category-defining company,”

Andreas Goeldi, Partner at Btov Partners, comments.
  • Demoboost already works with a host of established enterprise clients across many industry verticals, such as Veritas and Citrix. Such high-growth startups as Kogena and Ken24 also use the platform.
  • The company will use the fresh funding to release features that specifically support channel partners and make the self-service buying experience more user-friendly. The startup will also establish a stronger presence in Europe, India, Singapore, and Australia.