Hungarian gamedev company Primal Game Studio raises over $195k on Kickstarter

The Budapest-based game development company Primal Game Studio has raised pledges in total over $195,000 on Kickstarter for developing its new game Mandragora. Over 3,600 backers have joined the investment campaign at the time of writing.

  • Founded in 2012, Primal Game Studio is an independent game studio that have worked on various titles for partner studios, including products in the League of Legends universe for Riot Games. 
  • Over 3,600 backers have already supported on the Primal Game Studio’s Kickstarter campaign. It will end on October 25. The funding will be used for development of the company’s upcoming side-scroller RPG title Mandragora. 

“We’re incredibly excited about the support we’ve received from our community. It’s been great to see how many of our fans want to be a part of the development process, and we’ve been receiving amazing feedback on what we’ve shown of the game so far,”

Zoltan Zsuffa, CEO at Primal Game Studio, said.
  • The development of Mandragora began in 2016 after what producers called an “inspiring” trip to Ireland. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Primal Game Studio announced that Mandragora’s Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded alongside its first three stretch goals: unlocks 5th and 6th playable classes, develops new game Mandragora, and additional features.