How to run a $1M startup on a less than $200 tech stack with no code: 11 tools from Joe Speiser

Entrepreneur, investor, and Partner at New York-based Hampton VC Joe Speiser shared on Twitter his life hacks that help him run a $1+ million startup on a less than $200 tech stack thanks to a no coding approach. As Joe emphasized, he’s using 11 tools to implement all the necessary tech components in his SaaS company without the help of developers. Some of the tools are completely free to use.

AIN.Capital publishes the list of those tools with the pricing details and Joe’s advices on how to use them.

1. for landing pages

tech stack with no code -1
Screenshots here and further by Joe Speiser
  • Easy to use sleek inbuilt templates for landing pages
  • Lets you set up a landing page in less than 60 mins
  • Easy with customization of branding and editing of the marketing copy
  • Starts at $4/month (Has a free plan)

2. Airtable for data storage

tech stack with no code -2
  • Easy to keep track of ongoing sprints
  • A spreadsheet with good UX/UI
  • Record all your users data / crm
  • Easily collect data using simple forms
  • Starts at $10/month (Has a free plan)

3. Zapier for workflow automation

tech stack with no code -3
  • Automate recurring manual tasks like data entry
  • Send automated emails, set up calendar events etc.
  • Starts at $0 for 100 automation tasks per month

4. Outseta for signup and login

tech stack with no code -4
  • Manage SAAS memberships
  • Differentiate website/app pages for paid & unpaid users
  • Starts at $39/month

5. Utilize app for Web Apps

tech stack with no code -5
  • Builds simple, mobile-friendly apps on spreadsheets
  • Easy to manage things like expanses, tasks, etc with personalized dedicated apps
  • Starts at $50/month (Has a free plan)

6. for rapid collaboration

tech stack with no code -6
  • Capture and share designs quickly
  • Screenshot anything I want for inspiration
  • Get comments, annotations, instantly
  • All features free

7. for scheduling

tech stack with no code -7
  • Let the customer book demo sessions according to your availability
  • Starts at $0 and pretty useful in the basic version

8. Figma for designing

tech stack with no code -8
  • Collaborate with the team for social posts designs and app design
  • Has a free plan that’s enough for the use case

9. Hotjar for user behavior analytics

tech stack with no code -9
  • Gives clear and visual data points on your app and website
  • Aggregates all the scrolls, clicks, and movements to give you a heatmap of how visitors navigate throughout
  • Starts as $0 for about 1,000 sessions per month

10. Ahrefs for SEO

tech stack with no code -10
  • Measure your competitors’ traffic
  • Study what people are searching for on Google
  • Estimate the ranking difficulty of related keywords
  • Starts at $83 per month

11. for email capture

tech stack with no code -11
  • “Legally” captures emails of all your anonymous website visitors without them knowing.
  • Starts at $0/month