Finnish startup Hyperion Robotics raises €3M to 3D print concrete

Hyperion Robotics, a Finnish technology startup, has raised €3 million in seed funding. Lifeline Ventures led the investment round to ramp up the technology of 3D printing of concrete. Übermorgen VC, PC Rettig & CO Impact, Goldacre, and Katapult also participated, Tech Funding News informs.

  • Founded in 2018 by Ashish Mohite, Fernando De los Rios, and Henry Unterreiner, Hyperion Robotics is now based in Espoo, Finland. The company specializes in advanced automation and sustainable technologies for concrete and the construction industry.
  • Strictly speaking, the startup 3D prints reinforced concrete with recycled materials. Its unique robotic system can automatically produce reinforced concrete structures faster, cheaper, and safer. Compared to traditional methods, it is also more sustainable, because of the upcycling of waste materials from different industrial processes.
  • Hyperion Robotics raises €3M
  • Hyperion Robotics raises €3M
  • Hyperion Robotics raises €3M

“In the past few decades, construction has been facing numerous challenges. Namely, logistics complexities to project delays, high costs, and health and safety risks. At the same time, its environmental and social impacts are significant. Construction businesses can unlock higher growth and productivity by adopting 3D printing technologies to automate building processes and improve sustainability across the lifecycle of their projects,”

Fernando De los Ríos, CEO of Hyperion Robotics, explains.
  • The seed investment round was led by Lifeline Ventures, a Helsinki-based venture capital firm. It works with early-stage companies in funding, sales, technology, strategy, and operations. Recently, the firm made investments in companies like VarjoTILT Biotherapeutics, and Huuva.
  • The startup’s co-investors include Übermorgen VC from Switzerland and PC Rettig & CO Impact, a Finnish/Swedish family office. As well as Goldacre, a London-based VC focused on the sustainable built environment, and its first investor Katapult, a climate-focused VC and accelerator from Norway.
  • This investment will allow Hyperion Robotics to scale up its R&D capabilities and take mobile 3D printing micro-factories global.