Poland’s Market One Capital raises fresh €80M fund

Poland-based generalist venture capital firm Market One Capital has raised €80 million for its second fund. It will support around 30 European marketplace and network effect startups during their early stages, Sifted reports.

  • Firstly launched in 2018, Market One Capital specialises in investing in network effects companies. Meaning, it focuses on products where the value goes up simply because the number of users increases. The fund mainly invests in marketplaces, as well as in some fintech and software startups.
  • The firm also backed some unicorns from western Europe such as Tier and JOKR, both founded in Germany. In total, it has over 25 companies in its portfolio, with More GrowthSymmetrical.ai, and Mindgram among its most recent investments.
  • European Investment Fund contributed a third of the new €80 million fund. Numerous individual and family investors, mostly entrepreneurs from CEE, also participated. The fund’s hard cap is at €100 million, and the partners are currently in talks with additional investors.

“Most of our LPs are from CEE and for them it’s a good sign that we invest in western Europe. Valuations are potentially higher, and one could achieve higher returns,”

Managing Partner Marcin Zabielski comments.
  • With the fresh funds, the firm wants to support around 30 new pre-seed and seed startups. Its initial tickets range from €200,000 to €2 million, with the possibility to invest up to €8 million in one company.

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