MediVentures opens new €5.3M fund to support Polish medtech sector

MediVentures, a fund supported by group of private investors from Polish diaspora in the US, has announced a new investment fund. The firm plans to invest nearly €5.3 million (PLN 25 million) in the Polish medtech sector, specifically elderly care, My Company Polska informs.

  • MEDINICE, a Polish listed company, and Chicago Poland Ventures, a group of private investors related to the Polish diaspora in the US, supported the fund. The investors will help young scientists and entrepreneurs not only with capital, but also with experience and contacts.

“We have very creative medical innovators in the country. We can divide them into three groups. Doctors who see room for improvement in their daily practice. People who have witnessed their loved ones’ diseases. And scientists who work on new technologies in their laboratories. These are projects that very often have the potential to apply around the world,”

Piotr Wiliński, president of MediVentures, comments.
  • The fund has already supported some medical solutions, like Active Club, HI Orthotics, and activLife. Active Club is a platform where exercises and online meetings for seniors are organized by recognized trainers. HI Orthotics is developing devices for the rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy. activLife system is a rehabilitation platform with a multimedia system.
  • In general, MediVentures wants to invest €5.3 million (PLN 25 million) across 4 years with a ticket size of up to €200,000. For that, the fund needs to raise additional €4.2 million from the National Center for Research and Development under the BRIdge Alfa program, as well as the European Regional Development Fund.