Ukrainian IT industry grows despite the full-scale war — by 13% in nine months

As a result of the nine months of 2022, Ukrainian IT industry showed 13% growth, and the volume market amounted to almost $5.5 billion. The growth occurred despite the full-scale war, which has been running since February. These are the data of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), referred to by the IT Ukraine Association.

  • According to IT Ukraine Association, the 13% increase compared to the same period last year was made possible by the reformation of the industry during the war. Most companies managed to implement anti-crisis plans for business continuity support (BCP), switch to flexible work models, relocate teams, and diversify offices in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Considering the wartime conditions, Ukrainian IT companies are adapting their infrastructure: installing key systems in the cloud, diversifying the network of internet providers (in particular, Starlink), equipping office premises with generators, and so on.
  • Also, according to the Association, companies support the state and the army actively: the amount of taxes paid by Ukrainian IT during nine months of the full-scale war time amounted to UAH 48 billion. Up to 15% of IT specialists work in cyber forces. 3% of IT specialists joined the Armed Forces.
  • The remaining 82% continue to work, donate and volunteer: the amount of donations from this sector has already exceeded $500 million.