Finnish baby tech Nucu secures €950k from Voima Ventures

Oulu-based baby tech startup Nucu has secured €950,000 in a seed round of funding. The deep tech venture capital fund Voima Ventures led the round. The startup combines knowledge, biosignals, and portability into a new category of baby tech products – the multisensory baby pad.

  • Founded in 2016, Nucu is a Finnish wellness company helping to improve sleep. In an effort to help out the newborns and their parents, the team creates solutions that benefit the entire family. Nucu develops a first-generation multisensory baby pad providing familiar sounds and vibrations to soothe the baby.
  • With support from the algorithm experts and tech pioneers that built Oura, Nucu combined science-backed multisensory stimulation, biosignals, and portability to create its new product – The Nucu Pad.
Nucu secures €950k
Image: the Nucu Pad

“Nucu has an unique approach of developing and applying science-backed methods in baby tech. The solution has the potential to create a significant positive impact for families with a newborn,”

Jussi Sainiemi, Partner at Voima Ventures, comments.
  • Voima Ventures led the seed round. It is a €40M deep tech fund that invests purely in startups with deep tech and scientific backgrounds. The firm is currently operating its Fund II, investing €200,000-€300,000 in 25-30 startups annually during pre-seed to series B stages. Recently, the company invested in EIFys, Cellfion, and Adamant Health.
  • The fresh funding ensures that Nucu can start bringing the Nucu Pad solution to the consumer market and sell globally.