Polish Alsendo acquires a majority stake in Romanian SaaS platform Innoship

Polish Alsendo, a tech company that provides delivery solutions, has acquired the majority stake in Romanian SaaS delivery management platform Innoship. The exact amount of the deal is not disclosed.

  • Founded in 2019 by Daniel Nicolae, Andrei Paul, Dan Ungureanu, and Robert Tanase, Innoship develops a SaaS delivery management platform that offers technology solutions to over 200 medium and large retailers across Europe. Innoship helps retailers manage their carries and deliveries in one place, automating every step of delivery management.
  • The Warsaw-based Alsendo provides technological shipping solutions for B2B customers in over 150 countries, including Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The shipping and technology solutions are designed with business customers, including e-commerce, marketplace, ERP, WMS and global businesses.  

“We continue to pursue our strategy of transitioning to a technology-driven business model. This transaction will allow us to provide advanced solutions to a broadened universe of clients to support their business activities. It will create a unique platform, offering a wide range of tools for e-commerce customers – particularly larger businesses and marketplaces.”

Aleksandra Zawadzka, CFO of Alsendo comments. 
  • The amount of the transaction is not disclosed, but it aims to steer Alsendo’s transition from reselling into a technology-driven business model with a focus on SaaS products for both SMEs and large enterprises.
  • The partnership will let to accelerate the expansion of both companies in Central European markets and the expansion of Alsendo in Romania. The current management of Innoship will stay on board and team up with Alsendo.