Ukrainian Respeecher artificially voiced one of the best games this year — God Of War Ragnarok

The Ukrainian startup Respeecher participated in the voice acting of one of the most anticipated games of 2022 — God Of War Ragnarok. Alex Serdiuk, CEO of the startup, announced this on Facebook.

  • Respeecher is a Ukrainian project, which we covered previously. Its artificial intelligence technologies, in particular neural networks, help to copy and generate the voice of any famous (or not so) person.
  • According to Serdiuk, this is the first mention of the Respeecher team’s work in the credits of an AAA game. The AAA games are high-budget projects, on which hundreds or even thousands of specialists work for years. It is often compared to movie blockbusters in the world of game development.
  • The work of the Ukrainian team is mentioned in the game’s credits:
Respeecher artificially voiced God Of War Ragnarok. The game's credits mention the team
Screenshot: Alex Serdiuk
  • Previously, Respeecher worked repeatedly with prominent high-budget film franchises. Earlier, AIN.Capital covered the team’s work on voicing Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga. We also mentioned the story of working on Luke Skywalker’s voice in The Mandalorian.
  • God Of War Ragnarok is the continuation of one of the most recognizable series in the history of computer games. The game released on the PlayStation Store on November 9, 2022. Some gaming publications already dubbed it a “masterpiece”.