Ukrainian-founded Esper Bionics is in the Best Inventions of 2022 by TIME

The popular American magazine TIME published a ranking of the best inventions of 2022. Among them is Esper Bionics, a human augmentation startup founded by Ukrainians.

About the ranking

The list includes 200 gadgets. The magazine usually selects 100 products each year, but 2022 saw a big surge in innovation, so the editors decided to choose twice as many nominees.

The process of selecting the best started with online applications. Next, a jury of editors studied the applicants, paying special attention to industries that are actively developing. These are: the electric vehicle industry, green energy, and the metaverse. Each applicant was then judged on several key factors, including originality, effectiveness, ambition, and impact.

Ukrainian-founded startup Esper Bionics made it to the list in the Accessibility category. It was also featured on the cover of the publication.

Esper Bionics are in the Best Inventions of 2022 by TIME
Image: TIME

About Esper Bionics

Esper Bionics’ prosthetic hand is the first AI-powered, cloud-based robotic prosthetic that gets smarter over time. The lightweight device has up to 24 wearable sensors that detect and process muscle activity and brain impulses; machine learning from Esper’s platform enables the hand to act more “intuitively” over time.

“The most important technology developed in the next 30 years will be electronics inside the human body,”

Esper Bionics CEO and co-founder Dima Gazda, a medical doctor and engineer, commented to TIME.

Esper Bionics products are the future for prosthetics. And also for many Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who lost their limbs due to Russian shelling. You can help the team and finance someone’s future by following the link.