Romanian HRtech startup Meta Education gets €121k grant from Innovation Norway

The Bucharest-based HRtech company Meta Education has got a €121,000 grant from Innovation Norway to develop its software solution for coaching,

  • Founded in 2020 Meta Education is a Romanian business services and software company that creates the adaptive learning solution It is developed together with Bucharest University and its Human Language Technologies Research Center. 
  • platform analyzes the conversational patterns of the employees, sends personalized coaching insights, helps the employees be more productive and faster, reduce procrastination tendencies, and costs in the workplace.
  • The grant was received from Oslo-based Innovation Norway as a part of the “Development of SMEs in Romania” program, supported by the EEA and Norway Grants.
  • The fresh investment will be used to develop the technological solution, prototype, test the NLP algorithm in real conditions, and continuously improve its performance.