25 Ukrainian startups received grants from Google. Who are they?

Google for Startups announced 25 new grant recipients of the Google Support Fund for Ukrainian startups. The fund launched in March with a worth of $5 million. It’s aim is to support technology companies founded in Ukraine.

Which Ukrainian startups received grants?

  • Adwisely, an online tool for conducting digital advertising campaigns that will help increase the income of clients;
  • Birb, an application for renting apartments that allows you to search for the best deals in your favorite areas;
  • Book Box, a library service for large companies that provides employees with access to books and any reading materials;
  • DjookyX, a platform that allows musicians to sell rights to songs and raise funds for the further development of their careers;
  • Drug Cards, effective software for automatic monitoring of medical literature;
  • Folderly, an AI-based platform that increases the efficiency of customer’s e-mail;
  • Fuel Finance, a cloud-based accounting for startups;
  • Gradual, an online platform for sales professionals that allows them to develop their professional skills;
  • Happy Monday, connects job seekers with companies that might be a good fit for them;
  • Jiffsy, a mobile marketplace for slow fashion brands that helps them increase sales;
  • Kycaid, an online identity verification and compliance management system;
  • Mama Plant a Tree, a digital service that allows users to plant a tree in one click;
  • Mate Academy, IT courses adapted to the needs of people who want to start working in the field of technology;
  • Mathema, an online math school for students from kindergarten to high school;
  • NetHunt, a customer relationship management system designed for sales departments, integrated with Gmail and LinkedIn;
  • Numo, an app to support well-being and productivity for adults with ADHD;
  • Orderry takes local businesses offline to online to make them more competitive;
  • PeopleForce, HR software for companies to manage employee performance;
  • Pricer24, a platform that provides brands, distributors, and online stores with market analytics;
  • RECEPTOR.AI, an AI-based platform that allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to more easily develop new drugs;
  • Sorbsys, a manufacturer of cheap and environmentally friendly carbon batteries;
  • Stape, a tool that helps site owners and marketers track customer behavior;
  • Wantent, an AI-based platform for measuring audience engagement and testing video content at all stages of production and distribution;
  • Workee, a simple website builder designed for private tutors and freelancers;
  • YouControl, an online market analysis and legal entity verification service.

What are these funds for?

In May, the first group of startups from 17 companies received grants. In August, Google announced 16 more startups. The list includes both beginners and projects already known in Ukraine, such as Awesomic, Esper Bionics, and Liki24. Each startup receives up to $100,000 in equity-free funding, as well as free access to Google Cloud and other company services.

33 recipients from the first and second groups used the funding and support to expand their businesses. Such startups as Releaf Paper and VanOnGo have entered the markets of new countries. Mental health app Mindly grew its monthly revenue by more than 300%, and Esper Bionics was named one of TIME’s 200 Best Inventions of 2022.

Although this is the last group of recipients of funding under the Google Support Fund for Startups in Ukraine, Google for Startups will continue to provide mentoring sessions and technical support to all 58 startups. In addition, next spring, all startups will be invited to present their achievements to international investors, partners, and local startup communities. Furthemore, such programs as Growth Academy: Cybersecurity and Founders Academy are available for candidates from Ukraine, thanks to which they will be able to overcome challenges and develop their startups.