German author declined Russians’ request for translation of his C++ book due to war in Ukraine

The German author and trainer for C++, Nicolai Josuttis declined the request of a Russian publisher to translate his C++ book to Russian. The reason is the publisher didn’t want to insert the authors’ dedication to the Ukrainian people into the book. Josuttis told the details of the case on Twitter.

“A Russian publisher asked me to translate my C++20 book. I told them that I require that the dedication for the Ukraine people is translated and inside the book.

The dedication of “C++20 – The Complete Guide” is as follows: To the nation of Ukraine and all the children, women, men, and soldiers killed in a terrible war driven by a Russian dictator.”

Josuttis wrote in Twitter.

The publisher answered: “We care for IT, not politics.” But Nicolai didn’t accept that as an excuse. So he declined the offer.

“Starting a war, killing people, and bombing energy and water infrastructure is not politics; it is a violation of fundamental human rights. So, you care for C++ more than for human rights? Sorry, no Russian translation,”

Nicolai explains.

Some user on Twitter offered Nicolai to make the Ukrainian translation instead. And the author replied, he will be “happy to hand over Ukraine rights for free”.

About Nicolai Josuttis

Nicolai is a notable author of technical literature, in particular numerous books about C++ programming language. The “C++20 – The Complete Guide”, mentioned above, is currently available in English. He is also the author of some German books about SOA, Object-Orientation, C++, and OSF/Motif, and co-author of the German UML dictionary

Nicolai worked as technical manager, systems architect, senior consultant for system integration, and senior programmer. He supports Ukraine struggling at unprovoked war laucnched by Russia, and dedicated his last book to the people of Ukraine.

Why is it important

While Ukrainian civilians are under everyday shelling and bombing by Russian troops willing to destroy Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, Russian civilians remain silent acting like nothing wrong is happening. Their typical excuse sounds like they are “out of politics”. But, as Nicolai aptly noted, killing people – is not a politics, it is a terrorism.

Russia is a terrorist state and all Russians are responsible for its crimes.