Ukrainian carsharing Getmancar launches in Georgia

The Ukrainian carsharing service Getmancar has started operations in Georgia. Previously, the service was operating in Kyiv, Dnipro, and the western regions of Ukraine.

  • The app will work in Batumi and Tbilisi. Currently, 20 Hyundai Elantra cars are available there, if necessary, the number will be increased.
  • The rental rate is GEL 0.18 per minute, GEL 16 per hour or GEL 160 per day. This amount already includes the cost of fuel.
  • To rent a car, you need to register in the Getmancar application (available for iOS and Android) and select a car on the map.
Getmancar launches in Georgia
Photo: Getmancar

According to Getmancar’s CEO Taras Hetmanskyi, the Ukrainian team provides technical support for the service in Georgia. 

“For us, this is additional development and a step forward. It is important to carry the flag of Ukraine on the economic front and at the same time provide foreign proceeds to the country. In addition, for every five newly created local workplaces, we create an additional workplace for Ukrainians — mid-level managers and above who supervise processes. We continue to work in Ukraine and plan to further develop the service and enter new foreign markets,”

says Taras Hetmanskyi.

Getmancar is a Ukrainian carsharing service that has been operating since 2017. It offers car rentals of various classes by the minute, as well as hourly and daily. The number of its users is over 180,000.

On September 19, Getmancar launched in Lviv. Due to blackouts, the Ukrainian company is experiencing difficult times. Without the Internet, it is difficult to communicate with users, cars are getting blocked with drivers’ belongings inside, and cars on the map “are flying” during air alarms.