Polish medtech NutriBox secures €250k from Scanderia Venture 

Polish medtech NutriBox secures €250k (PLN 1,170,000) from Scanderia Venture.

  • NutriBox develops device for non-invasive diagnostics. The device designed by NutriBox will be used for quick analyzes of patients’ health, not only by doctors. The tool will also support the work of dietitians in supervising the impact of diet on health. It can be used to monitor health in pharmacies, gyms or fitness clubs.
  • Nutribox received investments from Scanderia Venture Fund.

The investors of the Fund particularly strongly support projects under which devices and solutions are created that have a real impact on the process of diagnosing or treating patients, i.e. a real and direct impact on human health. In addition to the fact that such projects are very much in line with the Fund’s investment strategy, they bring with them the feeling that, we can contribute to the development of medical innovations developed by Polish creators – says Rafał Kieszek, MD PhD, CEO Scanderia Venture.