Poland’s nanotechnology startup QNA Technology secures over €1.5M

Wrocław-based nanotechnology startup QNA Technology has secured over €1.5 million (7.2 million PLN) from private investors and the National Center for Research and Development, MamStartup informs.

  • Launched in 2016, QNA Technology develops the synthesis of blue quantum dots in laboratory conditions.
  • Blue quantum dots can be used to not only create but also print a light-emitting-diode (LED) which gives off the blue light that is an essential element of screen-based devices (displays, projectors) and LED lighting. In addition, the higher-energy photons make it possible to use blue light in the stimulation of biochemical processes. 
  • QNA Technology’s research is a key step on the way to the commercialization of synthesized nanomaterials, the startup says. It will allow starting tests together with the startup’s industry partners.

“Blue quantum dots are an alternative to currently used material solutions in the display industry. Being able to fabricate semiconductors is a valuable and strategic skill. Therefore, although there are still a lot of technological challenges ahead of us, and our materials are at an early stage of development, we already see a lot of interest in our materials among industry companies. Firstly, in Asia and the USA. This interest is so great that these companies are willing to pay for the possibility of testing our materials,”

says prof. Artur Podhorodecki, CEO and co-founder of QNA Technology.
  • The startup will spend the proceeds on R&D and pre-implementation works. Its planned investments total up to €3 million (14 million PLN) and will be spent on the purchase of elements of the pilot synthesis line and the completion of the next stage of development work on blue quantum dots.