Microsoft Ukraine’s ex-head invested in the militarytech startup AeroDrone

Dmytro Shymkiv, the former head of Microsoft’s Ukrainian office, acquires 50% shares of the Ukrainian company AeroDrone. Before the war, it was developing drones for farmers, now — the military. According to Forbes, this is the first public investment in a Ukrainian military-tech startup.

  • Before the full-scale Russian invasion, AeroDrone drones covered Ukrainian fields with plant protection products and micro-fertilizers. In December 2022, the Ministry of Defense allowed the operation of two new startup models in the Armed Forces.
  • D80-Discovery can lift up to 80 kg of cargo, fly at a speed of 120 km/h, and perform flight tasks on autopilot.
  • Another device is the E-300 Enterprise, a drone with a payload of up to 300 kg. Initially, it was considered as a courier plane for delivering parcels at a speed of 150 km/h, as Militarnyi writes.
  • Details of the agreement are not disclosed. Neither the amount of the investment nor the approximate valuation of the company.

Why is it interesting?

The deal with AeroDrone is not the first investment in Shymkiv’s career. Last year, he was involved in the purchase of medtech startup Helsi by Kyivstar.

“The question of business scaling is a big challenge for many. Experience and understanding of how to turn technology into business are required,” Shymkiv says. The issue with serial production has been resolved, he assures. The startup is going to certify agricultural drones in Europe and the USA. Shymkiv categorically refused to share plans regarding the military direction and the amount of further necessary investments.