The first AI-only Uncreative agency is online. It generates ideas in minutes for free

In 2023, the first AI-only creative agency appeared on the web. At least, this is how an Uncreative agency positions itself. According to its website, in Uncreative there are no humans, no delays, and no budgets — for now, ideas are free of charge. People already testing and actively discussing the new tool on social media. AIN.Capital tested the service and describes how it works.

How to use Uncreative agency

In order to generate ideas, you need to input some details about what you need. Precisely, the brand you are promoting, what type of campaign it should be, who are you targeting, and what results willing to achieve. We ordered a TV commercial for AIN.Capital, that will make entrepreneurs subscribe to our site.

After submitting, the magic begins. It takes several minutes for AI to generate ideas, meanwhile, the client is watching it “drinking coffee, reading Reddit, watching sand, calling freelancer” and other stuff real creative people usually do (probably) while working on the project.

But here we’re dealing with algorithms, remember? So the project is ready within minutes and emailed to you as a PDF. You can check out what we’ve got in a slideshow below:

As the Uncreative agency website claimed, all the creative work is done by machines. It is also yet unclear who made the tool itself. All that is known, so far, is that the company is headquartered in California.

While Uncreative is in beta, the service is completely free. After that, according to the site, users will be charged $5 dollars per idea.

Why is it interesting

This tool was launched as a fun experiment and obviously can’t replace people, at least yet. The ideas it generates are quite common and superficial but can be useful for stressed marketers who are struggling to produce many ideas in a short period of time. Sometimes, rethinking and developing the idea is easier than creating it from scratch.