SMOK Ventures’ new accelerator provides €25k funding for early-stage startups

SMOK Ventures, together with its partners, has launched a new acceleration program for startup founders from ReaktorX. Companies can receive €25,000 in funding each, Oleksandr Yatsenko, director of SMOK Ventures, says.

  • The selected teams are expected to work intensively in March-May during DemoNight 05/22 in Warsaw.
  • Founders will have the opportunity to work with venture investors and successful founders from CEE and the USA.
  • Graduates will also receive additional opportunities worth around €75,000 from accelerator partners (AWS, Stripe, and others).

“The program is recommended for entrepreneurs creating their first technological startups. This is a great chance to avoid many early-stage mistakes and accelerate your growth in the future. Proven by 10 previous batches of ReaktorX,”

Oleksandr Yatsenko says.

You can apply by following the link. The deadline is today, but for the teams from Ukraine, it will be extended until the end of the week. Filling out the application takes about 30 minutes. ReaktorX is a startup accelerator for early-stage founders with ambitious goals. Conditions include initial investments, resources, and a network to expand the business.