Polish company CosmoEye closes its second funding round at over €810k

The Lublin-based B2B streaming system CosmoEye has closed its second funding round at over €810,000 (PLN 3.9 million). Warsaw-based VC fund Arkley Brinc supported the startup for the second time, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2022, CosmoEye develops an AI-driven system for enterprises, especially in industries that need to monitor large workspaces and warehouse floors. The solution uses integrated video cameras and an artificial intelligence tool to analyze human and object images in real time.
  • The tool enables managers to optimize supply chain fulfillment and logistics. It also allows for reducing customer complaints, as well as receiving informed feedback for objective process documentation.
  • Arkley Brinc, a venture capital fund co-created with PFR Ventures and Group One, is again the main investor in the startup. In 2022, the fund backed CosmoEye during its €430,000 financing round. Now, adding the current investment, the startup has raised a total of €810,000.
  • Since the time of the first investment, the company has made significant progress. It’s improved in the area of hardware development and software solutions, as well as in acquiring the first paying customers.
  • The fresh funds will provide CosmoEye with the opportunity to attract new customers and scale its business to new markets. The startup will also be able to introduce the system to a wider range of companies, from SMEs to large enterprises.