Polish company NeuroSYS receives €630k to make AR-based training system

Wroclaw-based technological company NeuroSYS has received €630,000 (PLN 3.3 million) to develop a training system for industrial workers using AR technology. The NCRD provided the grant, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2010 by Tomasz Kowalczyk, NeuroSYS is a software development studio specializing in artificial intelligence and custom IT solutions. Since its foundation, the company successfully implemented over 58 projects. The next on the line is augmented reality-based practical training in production plants.
NeuroSYS raises €630k
Image: NeuroSYS
  • The training will be based on automatic verification of the correctness of performed tasks and identification of errors. Augmented reality, computer vision, and digital twin solutions will be used for this purpose. The project aims to reduce the costs of practical training and solve the problem of the low availability of qualified trainers in specific industries.

“As part of the project, we will build a fully functional, scalable, and configurable system that enables digitization and automation of practical training for forklift operators, taking place on the maneuvering yard,”

Tomasz Kowalczyk, CEO of NeuroSYS, explains.