Ukrainian gamers are localizing Hogwarts Legacy on their own

Hogwarts Legacy became one of the most discussed games online at the beginning of 2023. Although the game does not have a Ukrainian localization, the Ukrainian gaming community is trying to fix this. They created a crowdsourced project to translate every line in the game into Ukrainian. AIN.Capital tells about the project.

  • Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world game, has been receiving rave reviews from critics (with the exception of Wired) and Harry Potter fans. The game is taking place at the end of the 19th century and tells about the rebellion of goblins led by Ranrok and the dark magician Victor Rookwood. The main character is a 5th-year student at Hogwarts.
  • Since there is no Ukrainian translation in the game and it probably won’t be in the near future, the gaming community undertook the task and launched a crowdsourced localization project.
  • There are about 523,640 words in the game, so the more people contribute to the translation, the faster it will be finished. Already, there are about 500 participants in the project. You can also participate online.
  • For the Ukrainian translation, it is recommended to follow the legal translation of the books from the A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA publishing house.
  • The draft of the localization has already been uploaded to Google Drive and covers approximately 25% of the lines.
  • To install the Ukrainian localization, you must copy the file pakchunk100-Ukrainian_P.pak to <game folder>/Phoenix/Content/Paks. You need to select English in the settings. The localization is tested for compatibility with the Steam version and has not been tested in EGS.