How much do IT specialists make in Poland? A third of all vacancies are for Ukrainians

Polish job search portal Just Join IT has published research on IT specialists’ salaries in the local market. As part of the research, the analysts reviewed more than 175,000 vacancies posted in 2022, and also interviewed 3,000 specialists. Among all vacancies, about 60,000 were listed as open for Ukrainian specialists. AIN.Capital publishes the most interesting figures and observations.

  • Just Join IT is a job platform for IT specialists in Europe. More than 500,000 programmers and IT workers visit it every month. Since its foundation in 2017, the company has been developing without external funding. The founders are Piotr Nowosielski and Tomasz Gański.
  • Despite the global trend of layoffs in big tech, which began in 2022, Just Join IT data from the Polish labor market indicates the preservation of positive growth dynamics. The number of vacancies for programmers and other specialists in the IT sector increased by 183% compared to 2021.
  • According to the estimates of various specialized institutions, in 2022 there was a shortage of several dozen to several hundred thousand IT workers in Poland. The increase in the number of vacancies in IT by almost 3 times indicates a constant increase in demand for specialists in this field, and this gap can be filled by IT specialists from Ukraine, who are willingly invited to cooperate with companies from Poland and other European countries.
  • 33.7% of all vacancies on the Just Join IT platform were so-called Friendly Offers (vacancies for Ukrainian specialists).
  • Average salary increases ranged from 15.9% to 28.3% in the case of employment contracts, and from 16.5% to 25.1% in the case of b2b cooperation. Average compensation ranged from $1,700 per month for a junior on a contract to over $6,900 for a senior on B2B.
  • The highest-paid specialization in IT is DevOps. On average, a junior DevOps specialist could earn $2500 on B2B terms and $2120 on contract terms, a middle specialist in this category was offered an average of $4600 on B2B terms and $3900 on contract terms. And a DevOps senior could count on an average compensation of $6,100 (B2B) and $5,300 (contract).
  • JavaScript and Java specialists, as well as application testers, are in the greatest demand among employers.
  • The most popular categories among IT job seekers were JavaScript, Testing, Java, PM, Python, and .NET.
  • Among specialists from Ukraine, as well as from Poland, the most popular categories in IT were JavaScript, QA, and Java. Among the requirements for candidates from Ukraine, in addition to knowledge of the programming languages and technical skills necessary for a vacancy, the comprehension of English is also a key requirement.