Estonian e-bike maker Ampler joins Kõu Mobility Group 

Two Estonian-based companies Ampler and Kõu Mobility Group announced that they will join forces, to strengthen their position in the micromobility industry and to continue making emotive zero-emission commuting accessible for everyone. Kõu Mobility Group, becomes the majority shareholder, holding 51% of Ampler’s shares. 

  • Launched in 2014 by Ardo Kaurit, Hannes Laar, and Rait Udumäe Ampler is a developer of lightweight electric bicycles. Its technology combines modern technology with a traditional bicycle design to make riding easier, lighter, and faster. Ampler has showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Tallinn. The company claims that 10,000 riders all over Europe used its products every day.
  • Kõu Mobility is an IoT company that develops engineering mobility solutions that decrease air pollution and traffic noise. The company’s in-house know-how enables it to ensure the quality of our products and manufacture them sustainably. Kõu Mobility was founded in 2022 and is based in Tallinn.
  • The companies have signed an investment and share-swap agreement that makes Kõu Mobility Group the new majority shareholder of Ampler. Ampler will become one of the business units in the group alongside Comodule, Äike, and Tuul, continuing to focus on developing, producing, and selling light electric bicycles. All four business units continue operations independently and manage their own product portfolio and services with their respective teams and budgets.

“Ampler is very excited about joining forces with Kõu Mobility Group and forming this Estonian powerhouse in the fast-growing micromobility industry. Ampler and Kõu Mobility Group have been pursuing a similar mission and have already cooperated in the past, so it made a lot of sense to take the next step,”

comments Ardo Kaurit, CEO and co-founder of Ampler
  • Ardo Kaurit will remain the CEO of Ampler and will join the management of Kõu Mobility Group. According to Kõu Mobility Group, all product development and manufacturing are done in-house, mainly in Estonia.