Finnish company Valo Therapeutics secures €2.23M from EIC

Helsinki-based Valo Therapeutics, a developer of adaptable immunotherapies, has secured €2.23 million from the European Innovation Council. The funding will help to progress its innovative PeptiCHIP technology, FinSMEs informs.

  • Founded in 2016, Valo Therapeutics is an immunooncology company developing tumor antigen-coated oncolytic viruses as therapeutic vaccines. This helps medically deal with cancerous and infectious diseases.
  • The company is currently developing several projects PeptiCHIP, PeptiENV, and PeptiVAX. It’s novel microchip-based PeptiCHIP technology rapidly identifies a tumor’s fingerprints to drive the development of novel personalized immunotherapies.
  • The project is fully funded by the European Innovation Council. It was introduced by the European Commission to support the commercialization of high-risk, high-impact technologies in the European Union.
  • As part of the funding, Valo also gains access to EIC Business Acceleration Services including coaching, mentoring, and partnering events. This will allow the company to further develop its technology.