Startup Wise Guys raises €25M to invest in diversified funds

Tallinn-based accelerator Startup Wise Guys has raised €25 million as partial closing for a €45 million target fund to support B2B SaaS startups from regions such as CEE, Italy, Spain, and Africa. The firm plans to support a total of over 200 early-stage companies, with growing focus on direct investments.

  • Startup Wise Guys has been one of the leading investors in Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe since 2012. The accelerator focuses on early-stage startups in the SaaS, fintech, cybersecurity, and sustainability sectors in more than 60 countries. It usually provides 5-6-month long acceleration programs, upon which the company will also receive up to €80,000 as a convertible loan.
  • The firm has over 350 investments in its portfolio like companies Ready Player Me, kevin., StepShot, and Ondato. The list also includes this year’s fresh rounds for Estonian company Pointship and Polish startup INKSearch. In 2022 alone, Startup Wise Guys backed 120 startups, managing 12 full-time programs.
Startup Wise Guys raises €25M
Image: Startup Wise Guys

“In recent years, Startup Wise Guys has evolved into a truly international organization, with an investment presence in countries ranging from Ukraine and Spain to South Africa. We are now deploying our experience at scale to help passionate founders thrive globally, in spite of uncertain economic conditions,”

Cristobal Alonso, Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys, highlighted.
  • The fresh €25 million capital pool raised by Startup Wise Guys, is the first closing of the €45 million target goal. It is aimed at making direct investments in more than 200 early-stage startups in fintech, cybersecurity, XR, and sustainability from CEE, Italy, Spain, and Africa.
  • The firm also underwent a rebranding to better reflect its new global strategy.