Polish studio Black Rose Projects receives €750k in funding

Poland-based studio Black Rose Projects has received €750,000 (PLN 3.6 million) in funding from the National Center for Research and Development. It will develop a tool for processing game assets faster, MamStartup informs.

  • Founded in 2018, Black Rose Projects is a studio dealing with porting computer and mobile games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles. Among its services are porting, publishing, and managing the sales of given projects.
  • The company also has several undergoing projects, one of which received €750,000 in funding from The National Center for Research and Development. The work-in-progress solution is a tool for developers that makes editing and processing game assets easier, faster, and cheaper. These assets are necessary for production and computer animation, graphics, sound, music, and animation.

“As a rule, development studios purchase ready-made asset packages, which they edit and thus adapt to their needs. We intend to build a universal system for automatic conversion based on set parameters of mechanisms responsible for creating graphics and visualizations. This means that the editing of assets will take place automatically, after defining the most important parameters,”

Łukasz Bajno, CEO of Black Rose Projects, comments.
  • Work on the project will last 12 months. Then, the tool is to be implemented for use by 2026. The launch will be preceded by tests of new modules carried out in real conditions.