Polish startup Sandis receives over €145k to enter new markets

Warsaw-based insurtech startup Sandis has received over €145,000 (PLN 712,000) in a fresh round of funding to enter the Asian and South American markets. Its sale insurance support tool was backed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2017, Sandis develops easy-to-implement and maintain flexible SaaS applications for the comprehensive distribution of insurance products. Basically, the tool helps to accelerate sales for multiagencies, brokers, and insurance companies.

“We are very pleased that thanks to PAED’s financial support, we will be able to develop even faster and enter foreign markets. Before submitting the application to PARP, we conducted a number of solid market studies, trying to identify those with the greatest potential in the region of Asia and South America. We will spend the fresh funds primarily on marketing activities and investments in the area of ​​cyber security,”

Marcin Bobruk, founder and CEO of Sandis, comments.
  • Sandis received financial support under the “Internationalization of SMEs” program implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. It is part of the PFR Group and is involved in the implementation of national and international programs financed by the EU and state funds.
  • With fresh funding, the company plans to enter the growing markets of Thailand and Chile. Sandis is also planning a number of collaborations with other Polish insurtechs to offer a number of complementary services on the markets.