Viber is looking for a Country Director for Ukraine

As AIN.Capital discovered, the Rakuten Viber company is looking for a specialist for the position of Country Director in Ukraine. Previously, VP of Growth, Key Markets Atanas Raykov, from the office in Bulgaria, was responsible for the country.

  • The opening is the first in Ukraine, as the Ukrainian business team (business dev, marketing, and PR) is now working as part of the global business growth team.
  • The company expects the new person to lead and strengthen the Ukrainian team, help launch new partnerships, and generally become the face of Rakuten Viber in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is among the key countries for Rakuten Viber, so we are actively looking for a person who is physically located here and understands well how Ukrainians live and how our product can be useful to them,”

the company says.

Main duties

On February 19, 2022, the vacancy was published on the company’s website. According to it, the company is looking for a person who will deal with the strategic development and tactical implementation of Viber’s business development, marketing, and PR activities of the company in the country. The ideal candidate should have experience working with large business partners, government bodies, NGOs, and the media, understands the needs of marketing and PR, and have an analytical approach to measuring the company’s performance on the market. The main goal is to increase the user base in Ukraine and their involvement.

Main requirements

  • 8+ years of team management experience;
  • 5+ years of work in the field of digital services for users;
  • 5+ years of experience in business development or sales in the region;
  • 5+ relevant experience in marketing or digital, in particular, media planning, SMM, e-commerce, and sales;
  • experience of participating in joint initiatives or hi-tech projects with state bodies will be a big bonus;
  • strong analytical skills, result-oriented;
  • knowledge of marketing tools and metrics that measure effectiveness;
  • good knowledge of the local fintech ecosystem will be a plus;
  • university diploma (economics, marketing, digital, computer program development or related fields);
  • fluent spoken and written English.