Women’s salaries in IT are up to 30% lower than men’s, according to Djinni

The Ukrainian platform Djinni, which analyzes the labor market in the IT field, found out that women candidates ask for lower salaries than men when looking for new jobs.

Women's salaries in IT -2
Picture credit: Djinni
  • These are the salaries in the candidate’s profile at the time of the start of the hiring negotiation, therefore women for some reason are not willing to ask for more.
  • Djinni analyzed almost 6,000 jobs over the past six months, and note that only 27% of hired specialists are women, while there are 38% of women in search of a job.
  • Among the hired developers, 5-15% are women, and this share decreases with increasing experience.
  • The median salary of female developers in senior positions is $4,500, and that of male is $5,000.
  • A similar situation with managers (product, project): the higher the experience, the fewer women there are. A man in a senior project manager position earns an average of $4,000, while a woman earns $3,000.
  • The largest share of women is in the HR and Recruitment categories (as much as 87%). With up to 5 years of experience, they even earn more than men. But in the senior category, men have $200 more.

There are no DevOps in the sample, because there are only a few female DevOps hired, and none with 5+ years of experience.